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Order your Affirmation Set today!

Each set includes a beautiful Affirmation Bangle and a set of Affirmation Cards, which is the perfect gift to give someone who might need a little pick me up, or a reminder that they are loved.

In times of stress and worry it's so easy to let ourselves spiral into a negative mindset. This set is the perfect way to set yourself up for a beautiful day and provide yourself with words of encouragement when you might need them.

These gorgeous affirmation cards have been lovingly created for you with beautiful positive affirmations to rewire your brain for a better life. The 44 card deck each have a gorgeous affirmation on them, pick a card a day and use it as your daily mantra to set you up for a positive day.

Each bangle is made of beautiful shining anti-tarnish stainless steel which is suitable for daily wear. Pick the affirmation that resonates with you most, look in the mirror, repeat this little mantra to yourself and remind yourself of just how magical you are!

Choose from one of five affirmations for your bracelet:

- I am strong
- Believe you can achieve your dreams
- The universe always has my back
- I believe in myself
- I am brave
- Love you to the moon and back

These bangles are adjustable and can be stretched for a looser fit, or squeezed for a tighter fit. To put your bracelet on comfortably, use your hands to separate the opening to increase the bangle to a size that allows you to slip your hand through the bangle easily. Pop your bracelet on and then squeeze it shut around your wrist, so that it fits securely on your arm in a way that is comfortable for you.

The affirmation track can also be listened to on YouTube and spotify to add another level of ultimate self care.