• Image of Dreams to Reality - Angel Wing Silk Cord Bracelet - 18ct Gold Plated

“These bracelets are more than just arm candy, they’re something beautiful to act as a daily reminder that you need to be visualising and taking action daily to make your dreams become reality”

Each bracelet comes with a set of instructions in which the wearer will be guided to write down their dream and also detail five actions they can take to start making their dreams become a reality.
Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality bracelets have been handcrafted precisely to Tanyas specifications, and are all lovingly made by hand in a cosy North East studio, healing harp music is played throughout the process to ensure lots of love and positive energy has been sealed into each and every one of them.

The exclusive angel wing design was created with five feathers on the wing to act as a daily reminder for you to take action and put the steps in place to work towards making your dreams come true. Cast in solid sterling sliver with pure twisted silk cord. Available in Rose gold and yellow gold plated.

Struggling to decide which colour bracelet to go for? Here’s some information on colour symbolism which might help you make your mind up.

Red – excitement, energy, passion and love
Silver – security, reliability, intelligence and calm
Black – power, elegance, wealth and protection

May all your dreams become your reality! xxx

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