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“Now I would like you to understand that when I say I have got it all I mean that I have got everything I want in life.

My idea of an ideal life might be the complete opposite to yours but it doesn't matter; the techniques work for whatever you want in life."

Tanya Bardo

Do you want to look and feel the best you ever have?

Do you want to ooze confidence?

Do you want to turn your dreams to reality?

Then let Tanya Bardo help you.

This self help book reveals the secrets to getting the life and body you want plus the attitude and actions for success.

This book will turn your dreams to reality.

This is an easy to follow, honest self-help book with personality!

The straight talking, practical approach to positive thinking is refreshing.

Starting from a simple thought, you are encouraged all the way to steps and actions needed to achieve your dreams.

It’s time to unlock your true potential!

After living, exploring and researching positive thinking for 10 years, Tanya, former international model, became a life coach and now helps others transform their lives, the way she did.

Tanya uses these skills to enrich the lives of the people around her, from family, to premiership footballers and reality TV stars.

Everyone can lead their dream life in their dream body, especially you!

“This book cuts out the crap. It is straight talking and surprisingly humorous at times. It is a self-help book for everyday people.” Robert B., Counselling Services Manager

“I’m new to positive thinking, by the end of the book my confidence and whole attitude had changed for the better.” Sandra C., Care Assistant and Single Mum

Tanya hopes you enjoy reading Just a Girl Who Got It All and that it leads to you creating and living your very own dream life.

May all your dreams become your reality xxx

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