• Image of Balance - Light Grey Swarovski Pearl Angel Wing Bracelet

Balance - Beautiful sterling silver angel wing bracelet with 4mm Light Grey Swarovski Pearl Bracelet.

"Grey represents sophistication, calmness and balance. In order to maintain or improve, it is important to recognise the value of aspects of your life and prioritise things in order to distribute your time effectively, to balance your lifestyle and get the most from each day."

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“These bracelets are more than just arm candy, they’re something beautiful to act as a daily reminder that you need to be visualising and taking action daily to make your dreams become reality”

Each bracelet comes with a set of instructions in which the wearer will be guided to write down their dream and also detail five actions they can take to start making their dreams become a reality.

Tanya Bardo Dreams to Reality bracelets have been handcrafted precisely to Tanya's specifications, and are all lovingly made by hand, positive music is played throughout the process to ensure lots of love and positive energy has been sealed into each and every one of them.

The exclusive angel wing design was created with five feathers on the wing to act as a daily reminder for you to take action and put the steps in place to work towards making your dreams come true. Cast in sterling silver with beautiful hematite beads.

May all your dreams become your reality xxx

Dispatched within 2-4 working days ( All jewellery will be sent via royal mail special delivery)