• Image of Honesty - White Swarovski Pearl Bracelet with Silver DL

Honesty - Swarovski Pearl Bracelet with Dainty Love Heart and tag - cast in sterling silver.

"White is the most complete colour, representing purity and perfection. It is the colour of new beginnings and honesty, connoting positivity and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness. White expresses trust, fairness and sincerity."

Jewellery comes with a set of instructions, written by Tanya, to help you focus on your dream, asking you to write down 5 steps that you can take to make your dream become reality. You then wear the jewellery as a constant reminder to keep working towards your goal.

All the handmade jewellery features an angel wings charm to represent your dream, with the bridal collection following the same theme, but incorporating Swarovski pearls, making them a perfect addition for the bride and her wedding party.

"It’s almost two years since my wedding day, and with another little addition to the family on the way in August, I’m feeling sentimental!”

“It’s a dream come true for me to be able to create my own jewellery line and it’s been amazing to tie it into my life coach training. I had a really hard time not only finding my wedding jewellery but also thinking of gifts for the bridesmaids and flower girls – so it seemed like the perfect idea to add just that to my collection.”

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